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LA George

You were born with a purpose and you are destined to flourish, so why should your academic, career or vision development become a barrier to your growth? We are here to equip you to take the next steps to your success, so join the visionary train!

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LA George

LA George is the author of ‘Elevate Your Essay Writing Skills’. She is a specialist in delivering educational and career development support for the advancement of students and young professionals while partnering with organisations to make this a reality. With over 8 years’ experience, she is a strong advocate of promoting the development of young adults by sharing her experiences in industry while mentoring them and she is also a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics  ( STEM ) ambassador. She has run multiple workshops on academic and professional writing, networking and employability skills, career development and pathways for students and young professionals to achieve their visions.


LA George is a seasoned senior project management professional within the engineering and technology sector. She has engaged in numerous projects, webinars, conferences and panels to propel the involvement of young people within this sector while strategising with organisations to better shape the opportunities to provide to young adults in this field.

LA is amicable, engaging and rather passionate about supporting the next generation to achieve their best.

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EL Empire

Our mission at EL Empire Professional Services is to support students and young professionals with the resources and know-how for enhanced skills development to thrive in academia and their chosen career paths. Our service also extends to organisations to provide early career assistance and sustainability by facilitating the smooth transition of graduates from academic backgrounds into professional work environments. Some of the support we offer includes essay writing guidance, career development planning, career networking and mentorship, managing expectations at work, competency development and interpersonal and social skills. At EL Empire, we equip you to birth your vision!


Thank you for organising such a great event, we have received numerous feedback from our graduates and apprentices about being inspired to make changes to better navigate their futures.
Thank you so much for your support and help at our Black Women in Innovation event! The entire team really appreciates you taking time out of your busy schedule to support our Black Women in Innovation event. We have already received amazing feedback from our attendees expressing how they felt inspired by you during our panel discussions.
God bless you so much for the session. It was really great.
Thanks for the kind feedback, it was very much needed and I do appreciate you for it.
You led a fantastic writing workshop for the OISE Mentorship Program. On behalf of OISE, I would like to thank you! Our mentorship program is one of the largest at the University of Toronto, and PD events like yours help build community and add a lot of value to our alumni and students.
OISEUniversity of Toronto
Thanks so much for your session today. It was really great to listen to and very informative, we would love to have you work with us on more events as you have such great insight, advice and guidance to offer our students.
De Montfort University
I had a big problem with searching for research topics, how to gather information and how to present this through scientific writing. Upon grabbing a copy of ‘Elevate Your Essay Writing Skills’ by LA George, I got a better view of how to write scientifically and this gave me precise and detailed analytic skills to write my introduction, literature review and methodology. I will recommend this book to everyone as it has transformed my writing abilities.
Throughout my educational journey, I have faced so many problems with answering various questions in examinations. A friend recommended ‘Elevate Your Essay Writing Skills’ and I learnt how to unpack and understand essays and report questions. This book teaches you how to answer questions by looking for various key words that help you to analyse the question before answering it. I recommend this book to students and graduates globally.
After reading ‘Elevate Your Essay Writing Skills’, I got to understand that you can write to showcase your personality in terms of whether you are the funny type, expressive type, or the professional type.



Elevate Your Essay Writing Skills

A Guide to Writing Well-Structured Essays and Reports for High-Performing Students and Young Professionals

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Topics covered

⦿ Engaging young professionals to improve retention rates in the workplace.

⦿ Career and professional development planning and strategy.

⦿ Essential skills required in the work environment.

⦿ Marketability and transferable skills for employment opportunities.

⦿ STEM workshops and mentorship opportunities.

⦿ Methods to improve writing skills for academia and job prospects. 

⦿ Finding your purpose to birth your vision.

⦿ Plan of action to develop visions and ideas.

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Academic and Career Elevation (ACE) with LA George

You were born with a purpose and you are destined to flourish, so why should your academic or professional development become a barrier to your growth? LA George is here to equip you to elevate your essay writing, networking and career development skills for successful results. LA George is also the author of the book ”Elevate Your Essay Writing Skills” and runs workshops to support students and young professionals.


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